Girl Worried About Cop's Safety Offers Her Toy Bear For Protection

"I said thank you while trying to keep my voice from cracking."

Officer Bear has got one cop's back.

Josh McConnell, a police officer in Mississippi, was moved to tears when a little girl gave him her teddy bear for protection, he revealed in a Facebook post.

The youngster, aged 3 or 4, approached the officer with her mom when he was responding to a call in Gulfport on Tuesday.

The child handed the toy to McConnell and when he tried to give it back, she said it was to keep him safe.

"I said thank you while trying to keep my voice from cracking. I put the bear on my passenger seat for her to see," McConnell wrote in the post.

The girl's mother told McConnell they had a law enforcement officer in the family and that she "always heard everyone tell him to be safe," he added.

After McConnell's Facebook post went viral, he posted this picture of the bear with the caption, "My new buddy has my six."

The identities of the mom and her daughter are not known, but McConnell believes they are from Texas. He later revealed to WLOX that he would have liked to have spent more time talking with the family.

"When the call was over, they had already left the area," he said.

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