Humble Cop Touches Hearts With Selfless Gesture For Homeless Man

Brent Gaither didn’t do it for the publicity, which makes him even more of a hero.

An Oregon cop’s spontaneous act of kindness is touching thousands of hearts.

Officer Brent Gaither went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a homeless man who walked shoeless into his North Bend police station on Aug. 25.

After hearing how the man had walked 6 miles in just his socks so he could report the theft of his boots and other possessions the previous evening, Gaither went and bought him some new footwear from a nearby thrift store.

He also treated him to a fresh pair of socks and a bedroll, all of which cost him around $8.

What’s more, Gaither didn’t actually tell any of his colleagues about his good deed. It only came to light when dispatcher Heather Young was reviewing the lobby’s surveillance footage and spotted him handing the boots over.

She informed North Bend Police Chief Robert Kappelman, who proudly posted a screen grab of the incident to Facebook.

“Humble and compassionate community policing … that’ll make a chief proud!” wrote Kappelman. “Thank you, Officer Gaither and Dispatcher Young for going the distance for another in our community! Pay it forward …”

Gaither, however, has played down his beautiful gesture by saying that his colleagues also do equally amazing things.

All the officers here do these random actions of kindness; it motivates us,” he told Inside Edition. “In that little moment, it made me feel great to help the man. That’s what keeps us going.”

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