YIKES!!! Car Goes Flying Off The Road, Almost Kills Cop During Traffic Stop

The car speeding over 120 mph "was a rocket, and then it became a missile," the police chief said.

A Virginia police officer was hit by a speeding, out-of-control car that crossed a median into the opposite lane, smashing his police cruiser and a car the officer had pulled over.

The officer jumped out of the way and managed to avoid the initial collision, but was brushed in the legs in a scene captured by his dashcam.

“The officer was struck and nearly killed,” the Fairfax County Police Department wrote on Facebook.

The footage shows him pop back up, call for help and check on the drivers of the other vehicles. The officer, who was not named, sustained only minor injuries, which Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis called “miraculous.”

Davis said at a press conference that the speeding car, a 2018 BMW M3, was estimated to be traveling at above 120 mph when the driver lost control at a slight bend in the highway.

“It was going way too fast,” Davis said. “It was a rocket, and then it became a missile.”

Police said the 17-year-old driver and his two passengers also had minor injuries, as well as the driver of the car that had been pulled over.

“Parents and guardians should consider using this video as an opportunity to have a conversation with their teen drivers about how their driving behavior can affect the lives of others,” the department said in a news release.

Davis added that parents should be mindful of the kinds of cars they give their young motorists.

“The car involved in that collision yesterday was a whole lot of car ― a whole lot of car ― for an inexperienced driver,” he said.

The teen driver, who was not named, was charged with reckless driving, a misdemeanor.

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