Cop Quietly Pays For Family's Essentials After Shoplifting Bust

"These officers do these type of things a lot, but we don't always know about it."

A kindhearted cop in Redmond, Washington, came to the rescue of a family after the mother and father were allegedly caught trying to shoplift essential items for their children.

The Redmond Police Department officer stepped in after managers at a Target store decided not to press charges against the couple, reports local station KING.

He quietly took the diapers and clothing, which the parents were accused of trying to steal for their two kids, aged 8 years and 4 months, back to the checkout.

After paying for the items from his own pocket, he handed them back to the family and informed them where they could go to obtain more help.

News of his act of kindness emerged after an eagle-eyed police supervisor spotted the details in a shoplifting report. The department posted an excerpt from the account on Twitter.

"Sometimes our officers don't tell us everything," the post stated. "An attentive supervisor spied this in a recent shoplifting report." It is now going viral.

Redmond Police Department spokeswoman Becky Range said selfless gestures from officers were more common than the public may realize.

"These officers do these types of things a lot, but we don't always know about it," she told The Seattle Times.