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Police Sergeant Defends Tasing Of 72-Year-Old Woman (VIDEO

A sheriff's deputy in Texas made headlines earlier this week after it was revealed that he tasered a 72-year-old woman during a traffic stop. From the AP:

Video released by a Travis County Constable's Office shows 72-year-old Kathryn Winkfein hitting the ground and moaning while the shocks jolted through her body after the May 11 confrontation with Travis County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Bieze.

Winkfein was stopped for driving 60 mph in a 45-mph zone just west of Austin. A dashboard camera in the deputy's car shows the 4-foot-11 Winkfein refusing to sign her speeding ticket, getting out of her white pickup truck and cursing at the deputy constable.

It seems now that the police sergeant of Travis County, Texas is defending the officer's actions, saying he worked within "the confines of the law."

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