Man With Fake Badge Shot Dead After Firing At Police In Hawaii

Raymond Hodge was hit 11 times in the shootout.

A man with a fake police badge was shot to death after opening fire on real cops at a park on the Hawaiian island of Maui, authorities said.

Raymond Hodge, 39, was hit with 11 police bullets and died at the scene. One of the three officers involved in the Aug. 5 gunfight sustained minor injuries, according to the Honolulu-Star Advertiser.

The confrontation began after two Maui officers were dispatched to Keopuolani Park in Wailuku. A caller reported he had been approached by a suspicious man who claimed to be law enforcement and had flashed a badge.

Ryan Hodge's profile photo on the professional networking website, LinkedIn.
Ryan Hodge's profile photo on the professional networking website, LinkedIn.

 “This individual was at the park and the perpetrator went up to him and was questioning him as to why he was there and actually had a badge and said he was law enforcement,” police Capt. David Silva told KHON2. The person "became suspicious and actually called police.”

Officers spoke with the suspect, who became agitated and walked away, Maui News reported. He then drew a handgun from his waistband, turned and opened fire on the officers, according to police.

The officers returned fire and took cover behind a patrol car. Meanwhile, a third officer arrived and also began firing at the suspect, police said.

The badge in Hodge's possession read, "Special Agent Human Trafficking Division US Investigator." Maui Now reported U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed the badge is fake.

Records obtained by Maui News show that Hodge held a federal license to sell firearms under the business name Arch Gallery Investments in Fine Arts. The license expired May 1.

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