Police Shut Down 7-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand (VIDEO)

You're never too young to learn a life lesson - or, rather, a business lesson. As this local news report shows, the aptly named Daniela Earnest of Tulare, California had her lemonade stand shut down by town officials. (It turns out the stand lacked proper business permits.) Daniela, who's just seven years old, had the heartwarming goal to save enough money to send her family to Disney Land.

But, Daniela's lemonade stand ran afoul of local authorities, who said that the fledgling business was located in a dangerous intersection. Daniela eventually pled her case in front of the town council, which vowed to help her family find a safer location.

The story's happy ending? After seeing her story in the paper, a local radio station stepped in and came up with four day passes to Disney.


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