Cops Save Newborn Squirrel From Street, Reunite It With Its Mom

"Not what you normally find on burglary patrols!"

The long arm of the law delicately lifted a baby squirrel out of harm’s way in England on Wednesday.

Police spotted the adorable days-old critter alone in the middle of a street in Hackney, northeast London, whilst on patrol. They scooped up the furless rodent, which easily fit into the officer’s hand, and safely returned it to its mom.

”Not what you normally find on burglary patrols,” Hackney Police said in a Twitter post, alongside photographs of the rescue.

Authorities believe the baby’s mother dropped it as she carried it to another nest, ITV News reports.

Hackney Police did not disclose how the officers managed to track the mother down. The Huffington Post has reached out for comment.

While it’s certainly not the first time someone has saved a squirrel, something about this particular rescue seemed to move other tweeters:

Great job, officers!

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