Man Breaks Coronavirus Lockdown Rules In The Fishiest Way

This man's dubious attempt to circumvent the law did not fool police officers in Logroño, Spain.

One man’s fishy attempt to circumvent Spain’s strict coronavirus lockdown laws did not fool the police.

The unnamed man took his pet fish out for a walk ― inside its bowl ― on the streets of Logroño earlier this week, in an apparent bid to make the most of a rule that allows one person to leave home with their pet so it can relieve itself.

Officers weren’t buying it, though.

The person was sanctioned for “going out to ‘walk’ their fish on the street,” the National Police wrote in a tweet on Friday morning.

Last month, officers in the southeast city of Murcia stopped another man who was walking the streets in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume.

“We want to emphasize that we are on alert and that it is not a joke,” a spokesperson for the Murcia police department told HuffPost at the time.

Check out the video here:

Spain has the second-highest number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the world, after the United States, with upwards of 22,500 deaths.

After placing Spain under a strict lockdown in mid-March, authorities this week began easing restrictions to let some businesses reopen. Starting on Monday, children will be allowed outside of their homes — though only for short periods — for the first time in more than five weeks.

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