Police Threaten To Shoot, Mace Reporters In Ferguson

WATCH: Police Threaten To Shoot Reporters In Ferguson

Police turned on journalists in Ferguson once again on Sunday night, briefly detaining three reporters and threatening to shoot and mace others.

Relations between the police and the people covering the turmoil that has erupted following the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by policeman Darren Wilson have been severely strained all week.

In the most chilling incident on Sunday, police threatened to shoot Mustafa Hussein, a reporter who was filming for local Argus Radio.

"Get the fuck out of here! You get that light off or you're getting shot with this!" the police appeared to shout. (Others said the officer told Hussein he would be "shelled.") The threat was captured on a livestream and was tweeted widely.

Other reporters were threatened with mace.

At least three journalists were briefly arrested.

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