'Political Animals': Preview Sigourney Weaver's New USA Network Series

Want to see Sigourney Weaver as the new secretary of state in USA Network's upcoming miniseries "Political Animals"?

The "Alien" star headlines USA's new D.C. series as Elaine Barrish Hammond, the ex-wife of a former US president and current secretary of state, and you can take a look at Weaver's new role in the trailer below.

Hailing from Greg Berlanti and co-starring Ellen Burstyn, Dylan Baker, Roger Bart, James Wolk and Carla Gugino, "Political Animals" tells the story of Elaine's friendship with a journalist who knows the family all too well.

"I took this job as secretary of state because I feel I can make a difference," Weaver says in character in the new trailer. "Eleanor Roosevelt, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, that's the kind of company I want to keep."

Check out the trailer of "Political Animals," debuting July 2012, below.

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