Political GameDay

I was completely disgusted with the "new" coverage of the presidential debates by the news media. The news coverage was more like ESPN's College GameDay. The only difference was instead of an Ohio State versus Michigan matchup, the discussion was Clinton versus Trump.

The media has been complaining about how this election season resembles a reality series more than a political campaign. Yet the media has contributed to this ridiculous circus. The only thing missing during this debate was a panel of the 16 former Republican presidential candidates and Bernie Sanders talking about the campaign and collectively dishing about Clinton and Trump a la Big Brother or a Housewives Reunion.

If we're going to treat this political season like a reality or entertainment show, it should be The Voice. Voters should simply listen to what is being said by each candidate. Who sounds more credible? Who knows how government actually works? Who speaks to your community? Then when you turn your chair around, discover who is "The President."

The concept of The Voice is to eliminate physical presentation and concentrate on the person's singing ability only. If only we could do the same when picking our president. Imagine if we could pick our president based upon policies and their statements. Would you turn your chair around for someone who wants to build a wall across our Southern Border? Would you turn your chair around for someone that thinks a woman should be punished for getting an abortion? Would you turn your chair around for someone who believes that Muslims should be banned from America?

If Trump manages to win the presidency, it will be just like the last five seasons of American Idol, a winner that achieve nothing. The only problem is Trump can ruin your life through bad economic policies, or worse, through conservative Supreme Court judges. Of course, there is also that little problem with his ability to use the nuclear codes to start a war with a world leader who says he is old with a comb over. That's a reality show I definitely don't want to watch.