One Woman's Last Wish: Do Not Support Hillary Clinton

"In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton."

A New Jersey woman had one interesting final request: Stop the Clinton machine.  

In her obituary, published in the South Jersey Times, Elaine Fydrych told mourners, "In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton." 

Fydrych, who passed away last week at the age of 63, was a native of Philadelphia. She had a knack for humor and frequently performed at a local theater in Pitman, New Jersey.

Clinton has been mentioned in obituaries before. Earlier this year, the family of Larry Upright, 81, added a line to his obituary expressing opposition toward the former secretary of state. 

"The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016," they wrote at the end.

"He was very passionate about politics and probably passed a little bit of that on, and so it was natural for me to think about that," his daughter, who came up with the idea for the line, told ABC News. She said she was doing what the family thought was right. 

Beyond Clinton, there have been other instances of people making political requests in obituaries, with some urging mourners to donate to organizations like the National Rifle Association or the American Civil Liberties Union. The Washington Post recently compiled a list of their favorites from the last few years, including multiple requests to donate to "whoever is running against Barack Obama in 2012."