Political Positions: Immigration

The best part of political elections is that people believe that they know candidates' Presidential plans of action without actually reading their proposals... said no one ever.

Today's Topic: Immigration

Immigration was essential to the creation of the United States of America considering that we are a melting pot of the world. Immigration reached a peak of interest when Donald Trump started bringing up building a wall and "Making Mexico pay for it". Clinton and Sanders both repeatedly indicate that they won't break up families. But what does that really mean?



- Create a pathway towards citizenship for those who are here currently undocumented
- Create ways for undocumented immigrants to come forward without fear of criminal prosecution
- Deportation relief for Dreamers, parents of legal residents, and other non-specified special cases.
- Promote the process of citizenship and integration into U.S. society.
- End the detention of undocumented immigrant families, and close private undocumented immigrant detention centers.
Key Terms:

Dreamers: Undocumented people who were taken across the border as children. Many of these kids graduate high school in the US and about 10% go on to Universities as well)

- Close inhumane deportation programs and centers.
- Create a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
- Create an up-to-date visa system
- Rewrite non effective trade agreements
- Reverse the criminalization of immigrants
- Presumed Republican Nominee:

Donald Trump (overview):

- Triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers all over the country (the number currently is at 5,000 that perform immigration duties)
Compare to Los Angeles Police Department which is at 9,000 sworn in officers or to NYPD which has 34,500 uniformed officers.
- E-Verify system in place nationwide.
- Send all criminal undocumented persons back to their homeland
- Detain people crossing the border and then send them back to their home country
- Stop giving money to "sanctuary cities" that are not cooperating with federal law enforcement
- End anchor babies
- Mexico pays for the wall


Step 1. No one can wire money outside the U.S. unless first provides documentation that they are legally in the U.S. (i.e. Drivers License)
$24 Billion dollars is taken out of the U.S. economy and sent to Mexico. (not all from undocumented workers, though)
Step 2: Enforcing existing trade rules or adding trade tariffs.
Step 3: Canceling tourist and business visas.
Step 4: Increasing fees on visas.

Key Terms:

E-Verify: An is an online system that cross-checks an Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and other government records to make sure the employees status is good to work. Required by employers in some states such as Arizona.

Anchor babies: Baby that is born in (this case) the U.S. and both parents are not citizens.

That's the rundown for this time. What is it that you do and do not like from each plan?

Always remember, when it comes to politics, even Communism works in theory.

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