80 Years Later, I'm Still a Political Junkie

You may be appalled that penis size creeps into a presidential debate, but you should admit that this race for the presidency continues to fascinate (if you are so inclined). I am so inclined.

As the obtuse Richard Nixon used to say, "let me be clear." I am clearly a liberal Democrat who will vote for the Democrat candidate. I do not want a Republican choosing a replacement Scalia. However, there are a number of performing chaps out there and I do react to them.

Whom do I most dislike? Thank you for asking. I profoundly dislike Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. Ted is plainly evil, a real shit. He is not what you would call a caring man. He said, "I don't think it's the government's job to find health care for people. I think it's the individual's job to find health care."

Donald Trump said, "we can't let people die in the streets." Presumably, this would be ok with Ted, as long as they didn't block traffic.

Carly Fiorina has become irrelevant. But my dislike for her is so massive I have to get it out. She is the girl with her hand up constantly in class to show how smart she is. My guess is that she is mesmerized by her face (the one Donald didn't like) in the mirror.

Also irrelevant is Ben Carson. But are you not astonished at the workings of his mind? Why did this gifted neurosurgeon think he could mumble his way to the presidency?

Marco Rubio got a deserved comeuppance from the fat man from New Jersey. Yes, he is a windup doll. You turn the key attached to his belly and he delivers a speech. It is appropriate to call him little Marco.

The Donald is complicated. He certainly is a blowhard, bully and one of the biggest narcissists to strut on planet Earth. But he is not an ideologue. He says things other republicans would not say. That Bush invaded Iraq even though he knew they had no weapons of mass destruction (even I wouldn't say that). That Planned Parenthood has helped a lot of women; that he's fine with affirmative action; that "when you have a hedge fund guy making $10 million a year and he's paying a low rate of taxes, it's not fair."

Lately, however, he has condoned violence at his rallies. That puts him beyond the pale.

On the Democratic side. we have two who might be acceptable presidents but are certainly flawed candidates. Bernie could do to his party what Barry Goldwater did to his. Hillary is vulnerable on a number of fronts. More important, she has been around too long. She is yesterday's news. The people made clear they do not want another Bush. I don't think they are enthusiastic for another Clinton either.

In 1936, I was 10 years old and passionately invested in the contest between FDR and Alf Landon, Governor of Kansas. I begged my parents to let me stay up and listen to the election returns. No go. In the morning, there was a note under my door from my father detailing the Roosevelt sweep. What a relief! And what a nice father.

Here I am 80 years later, still a political junkie, awaiting the coming battle between Donald and Hillary (yes, that is what's in the cards). It will be the most partisan, nastiest contest in my lifetime. I will view it with the same attention I give to a good horror movie.

Winston Churchill said that "democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

He also said, "the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

I would amend that to a three-minute conversation with the average Republican.

You see, I am already in fighting mode.