Political Zen

Political Zen
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On the mountain top, it is another world and at the same time a new one in the making. I've been visiting the Brahma Kumaris nestled in the mountains of the Aravalli mountains in Mt. Abu, India for almost 25 years. Each time I visit, something profound shifts inside of me. Back in Washington DC, mixed, intense energies of hope, fear, anxiety, rage, deceit, optimism, and intellectual activism has become the norm. There, my phones and inboxes are consistently pinging with messages of concern and requests for guidance. Daily, Americans awake to a myriad of alarming news stories. Changes are coming in droves; changes that many Americans did and did not ask for are a daily occurrence.

Though some did vote for a drastic change. I wonder if the current reality is matching what they desired so strongly. I've been calling this age, one of deception. If people have not been clean and clear with their motives up until now, these times will reveal deep hidden truths only privy to the holder of their own story. This is a time that our conscience is being awakened or, taken into an even deeper state of sleep.

We are watching it all being played out in countless directions. The leading administration has been doing quite a job to convince the public that the media is reporting "Fake News.” And, I have to say, journalism now has truly become better than ever! They are on top of their game and have had to do some deep soul searching I am sure. The GOP have shown how far they will go to keep power in both the House and Senate to stay in power, despite the moral and mental demise of a nation moving into mayhem and further division or perhaps its a birthing of an America that will be united and abundant? We are witnessing an uncanny and obvious removal of the hard work of a previous administration deleted by the swift signing of a presidential pen with no regard for the well being for a section of American who valued those decisions. I guess we can say, America is under a hostile corporate take over, but at whose cost? So, I ask you, can anyone tell me as I sit here far away from American politics, who is actually running America? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to applaud the good and find bi-partisan ways to work together towards an even more effective country? Americans and the world are witnessing a blatant denigration of a democratic ideal, and I recall a quote by Mother Theresa, “I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘How many good things have you done in your life?’ rather he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did?

On the Zen perspective of it all, we have seen the uprising of an empathetic, sacred, intelligent, well-intended movement of folks who are proving that resisting the first 100 days of this new leadership will and has sent a loud sound to Capitol Hill and the White House. But, are they listening? Of course, they are, in the same way the #Resistance is listening. Both are needed to help each other. We have witnessed the power in democracy when folks rise up, get involved, and begin to say, you might not think we cared so much, but we do, especially when it hits not only home, but our friends and families across the globe. Perhaps, what has made me have to go deeper into love, is the executive order reversing the drilling of the (#DAPL) pipelines on sacred land that belongs to our original settlers and owners of America. Their prayers I know will not go to waste. All I can say, “wait and see, wait and see” but keep pushing forward.

Perhaps what we are all living through is not only an age of deception, but a dark age of consciousness, where the energy of God’s love is "trying" to be pushed out. Whereby it seems that the only energy left is that of human beings whose interior world thirsts love from the Divine. But what if there is a gentle ripple happening below the loud, crashing waves of this global deception taking place all around us? What I've been asking friends, both from the GOP and DNC, is ‘What would God do for America in these times?’ They halt in hearing the question, and mostly everyone has said, to love again. I worry as to why so many have been journeying inward and are finding clear actions to take, however, when it comes out to the external world they find themselves bumping into another energy of influence which silences the divine response that echoed in their quiet minds.

I believe the answers rest in these simple questions, and in the courage to ask them to each other:

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