Politician Sex Scandals: Which Wives Stood By Their Men? (WATCH)

Though Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner apologized to his wife Huma Abedin numerous times throughout Monday's news conference--where he confessed to having inappropriate online and telephone relationships with six women over the course of three years--Abedin, who married Weiner less than a year ago, was absent. In response to a reporter's question about her whereabouts, Weiner remarked, "She is not here."

When scandal-mired politicians acknowledge personal transgressions, their wives have a choice: Brave the humiliation and stand by their men? Or stay out of the public eye and deal with the pain privately?

These nine politicians faced the public and the press after their scandals were revealed--some with their wives by their side, and others without. It begs the question: Would you #standbyyourman?

Stand By Your Man