Politicians and Porn Don't Mix

Ben Suky, a known pornographer who even deals in pirated porn, has donated money to both Democrats and Republicans alike. Accepting porn money now gives the term "money shot" a whole new meaning.
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The Forward has just run a story on a well-known pornographer named Ben Suky.

Suky is a pornographer who even deals in pirated porn. The Forward documents his support of several philanthropic organizations. Charities are faced with so many hurdles in raising money, and the need for donations is so great, that they don't check the source.

As it turns out, neither do politicians.

Giving the term "money shot" a whole new meaning, Suky has spread the wealth and donated money to both Democrats and Republicans alike. He has also donated money to the Republican National Committee.

Researching public records, I found that Representatives Eric Cantor and Anthony Weiner have both accepted campaign contributions from Suky. Weiner accepted the campaign contribution in connection with his campaign for Mayor of New York.

Cantor accepted over $48,000 from Suky.

Both Cantor and Weiner are good public servants. For that reason, they should return Suky's money. Period, end of story. The sources of political donations matter, and who our politicians are willing to associate with for the sake of campaign contributions is a serious issue and one on which we must focus more attention.

Campaign finance reform needs to be put on the front burner once again.

You can find details of Suky's donation to Cantor here. Details of Suky's donation to Representative Weiner are here.

And Suky's RNC donation is documented here.

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