The Most Embarrassing Politician Twitter Scandals: Lewd Photos, Weird Videos, And More

The 7 Most Embarrassing Politician Twitter Scandals

Congressman Anthony Weiner has been in the hot seat after a tweet containing a photo of a man's crotch was posted from his account.

Weiner has attributed the lewd photo of bulging underwear to a "prank" or hack, though the congressman admitted

The congressman is hardly the first politician to be embroiled in controversy due to inappropriate, misguided, or "accidental" tweets.

We've compiled some of the most memorable social media scandals suffered by politicians since Twitter's launch. Have others to add? Let us know! Email technology [at] or click "Add a slide" below. Also check out our post on tweets that got people fired and tweets that got people arrested.

Anthony Weiner's Lewd Underwear Photo

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