Politico's VandeHei: Unattractive Members of Congress Should Not Have Affairs (VIDEO)

Former Congressman Joe Scarborough has a column of advice for the incoming class of freshman legislators up on Politico today, and this morning he hosted Politico's Jim VandeHei on "Morning Joe" to work some sweet, sweet, vertically-integrated synergy. VandeHei's message to the DC-bound frosh? Basically, he'd like all you uglies to keep it in your pants, please!

VANDEHEI: I actually think your first point is the most important point. I've covered the Hill for about 16 years, and it's amazing the effect that this place has, especially men -- men who come to Washington who are away from their families and the behavior you see at night is the type of behavior you often saw from our friends in college. And especially unattractive members of the Congress who have not had women show attention to them maybe since college. They come here. Power is an aphrodisiac. Suddenly they have women who are interested in them. It's a temptation that, as we've seen from the class of '94, some of them can't withstand.


None of this applies, of course, to anyone VandeHei deems "crushworthy," of course. Those representatives will probably be invited to key parties, at VandeHei's home!

Scarborough's written advice was slightly less scoldy: "Few good things come from being away from your spouse and children 200 nights a year, and, in the end, nothing you accomplish in Congress will be worth the moments you miss at home. Over time, the strains on a marriage can be bad. The sacrifices imposed on the entire family can be incalculable." Scarborough did go on to describe a colleague whom he recalled would stroll the streets of Washington with his mistress, whilst smoking pot but remember: Marion Barry lives here, so that's actually pretty tame.

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