Politics for a 4 Year Old

In these pre-election days of political overload, I admit I crave reduction. I want the right candidate to win, and the wrong candidate to lose. I want the good candidate to prevail, and the bad candidate to feel defeat. I want the landslide to take place according to my preferences. Also, I want my food to contain the proper vitamins and minerals, without having to take any supplements. I also want to have gotten enough sleep, reached all of my deadlines, and spent quality time with my husband and child.

Along with the privilege of voting for our elected officials comes the sneaking entitlement to have everything turn out exactly our own way. In my striving to make life just right, I unconsciously defer to this outcome. I know I am not alone. Everyone I know has a detailed political agenda with their values at the center of the discussion. Probably no one is going to get exactly what they want. But I can wish for it all to be as simple as this video, can't I?