Politics, Sex and Religion: Voters Virtual Gospel Lesson by Jesus, "Woe Hypocrites"

We are all sinners. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone." The key to salvation is repentance and desire to no longer offend God and do good works. In this inflammable election year of Divine Mercy, Jesus reminds us in the Gospel of St. John when the Pharisees were stoning the adulteress that they better consider their own sins and reconciliation with God before condemning others to death. Redemption is a gift of grace from God for all humanity. It was bought for us by Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross. It's interesting to consider that God is a much more forgiving and compassionate Father than His stubborn children. It is human nature to see the flaws and vices of others, but Jesus teaches that when we focus on developing our own virtues we actually have a more profound effect on change than does condemnation for indescretions. We are taught to not turn a blind eye to bad behavior but it is right and just to forgive without condoning.

In the case of Donald Trump, there is a deliberate attempt to distract from the disturbing ongoing revelations of national security breaches of his opponent. Trump although a repentant sinner is being judged, condemned and sent to execution by those with an anti-change agenda led by the main stream media with help from the hypocritical political establishment and Hollywood Hillary supporters. These three influential forces, desiring status quo for self-interest have joined together to be the prosecutor, judge and executor to try to eliminate the fear of change that Trump-Pence represents. Trouble is that the status quo candidate Hillary Clinton is more flawed and dangerous to America's future. This is the growing view of nearly half of America's voters according to recent polls. CEO Trump and Governor Pence have the vision and joint leadership skills to make a positive difference for all Americans.

One could liken this political firestorm to an analogy of the Cross. Calvary was in some ways like two sides of a debate leading to a winner, a loser and a big prize. At Calvary the criminal tied to a cross on one side of Jesus taunted Him by arrogantly proclaiming that if He was so powerful why doesn't He just let the unrepentant thief go free and get the reward. But it was the repentant sinner on the other side of Jesus who admitted his guilt and accepted responsibility that received salvation and reward. "This day you shall be with me in Paradise" is promised by Jesus to all who have a contrite heart and desire for change to be better. Trump humbly apologized to all American people, admitting he has been changed by the many good Americans he has come to know and he promised to do better. You can't ask for more than that.

When considering the choice voters have for the future of America and welfare of their families, the decision comes down to choosing between two very different leadership teams, Trump-Pence or Clinton-Kaine. One team with a sincere change attitude, the other with a status-quo, "deny, deny, deny" mentality. Who do you believe has the right intention, the energy and the willingness to fight the political DC establishment, global elite and terrorism enemies? Who will make the necessary changes for economic development, job growth and better security for a safer nation? Who will serve and defend the American people? Consciences will need to weigh which is more harmful, the candidate with past reality show foul mouth incidents versus the lying tongue from one mother to another whose beloved son and other innocent Americans would have been saved in Benghazi had she truly cared about those she was given the leadership role and duty to protect by the American people. She had her chance. She failed. That's a fact. That's the reality vote factor.

To paraphrase the spirit of Irving Berlin's patriotic prayer hymn-
God bless America, land that we love. Stand beside us and guide us,
through the night with the light from above.

Fellow Sinners, Brothers and Sisters, Alleluia. Amen.