Politics: Why I Switched from Hillary to Bernie

Hillary says Bernie is running an artful smear and using false innuendo because she accepted huge fees from Goldman Sachs for speaking engagements. "I'm looking into it," Hillary says when asked to produce the transcripts of her speeches and to justify her accepting super pac funding largely by Wall Street. Hillary's stall only makes her appear to be hiding something. On CNN even staunch Hillary supporter and biographer Carl Bernstein implored that Hillary produce these transcripts.

After Bernie called attention to Hillary's self-serving interests, she canceled another paid speaking engagement at a large Wall Street firm. Hillary has been caught with her hand and mouth in the cookie jar and wants to downplay her past acceptance of Wall Street's exorbitant fees because they exhibit her complicit alliance with Wall Street. By accepting these fees Hillary has raised a huge red flag regarding her integrity.

As a former Stepford Wife in the 1975 movie Stepford Wives, also a cover girl for NY Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek and an airsick airline hostess for Pan Am, during the 60s and 70s my interests were far from political. I'm a Stepford Wife no more! I care about our nation, our economy, the working class, student debt and threats to our nation, both domestic and foreign.

Today Hillary Clinton is a Stepford Wife for Wall Street with the great influence of Super Pacs. She is acting like a robot for special interests and cannot be trusted to be our President. Despite all the support for women that she is touting, her integrity has been called into question because of her actions, poor judgment and choices based on her self-serving interests.

She is Wall Street's megaphone as she speaks for Goldman Sachs and claims she did so before she had made her decision to run for President. Bull! On CNN to Anderson Cooper she claimed that she had not yet made her decision when the truth is she had made her decision when she refused to divorce hubby Bill "I never had sex with that woman" Clinton.

Hillary lies! Bill lies! The Clintons lie! Bernie Sanders tells the truth and is tossing garlic and holy water in the face of those vampires who want to suck our nation's blood from the poor and middle class, trickling it up to the plutocrats that are now running our country. It is obvious that Hillary is cutting deals with corporations and financial institutions, which is why they are funding her campaign for President.

Bernie is addressing the massive student debt crisis and wants to institute free college for our young people in need. I worked my way through PSU after a partial scholarship, but this could not be done today. Means testing of families with children who want to go to college would be a help in achieving this. Bernie's proposal to tax all Wall Street speculation and other proposals to stop Hedge Funds and Corporations from gaming the system would more than pay for it. Basta!

Bernie also advocates criminal justice reform in which the police must be held accountable for their misdeeds. Instead, we jail poor souls for smoking marijuana, but ignore the greedy fat cats that caused the collapse of our banks in 2008. Our two-tiered justice/injustice system must be made equal for all Americans.

I am now joining the regular Americans who send on average $27.00 to Bernie to help him to spread his word, "a future to believe in," without any reliance on Super Pacs.

"Bernie's message is 'I'm honest,' and this is refreshing for voters," says Neil Lévesque of St. Anselm College on MSNBC.

Meanwhile over on Saturday Night Live Bernie Sanders along side Larry David was "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good". In fact, he rocked. He's the man.