PolitiFact: Pundits Get Fewer Facts Right

New Study Confirms What We All Feared About Pundits

They can talk all they want, but a new research project shows what many people already seem to believe: that pundits are only right some of the time.

PolitiFact.com, which fact checks statements made in Washington, has found that pundits and talk show hosts tend to get fewer facts right, compared to the overall ratings for the individuals and groups it researched.

Nearly half — 49 percent — of all the claims made by the "columnists, commentators and talk show hosts" that PolitiFact counts as pundits were dubbed to be false in some way. Fully a quarter of the statements were rated "False." Ten percent were rated "Pants On Fire." 14 percent were dubbed "Mostly False."

In each case, statements by the non-pundit population were found to be false more infrequently (though not, it should be said, by much).

The website also pointed out that statements made on ABC's "This Week" got more "Half True" ratings, and were less likely to get "False" or "Pants on Fire" compared to those rated overall.

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