Poll: Republicans Love Rahm Emanuel

Poll: Republicans Love Rahm Emanuel

A National Journal 'Congressional Insiders' poll finds that 93% of Republicans think Rahm Emanuel will be "an effective White House chief of staff." That's only one percent less positive than the Democratic response. While some of the responses weren't exactly complimentary ("Brutal, hateful, and effective") others were downright gushing:

"Rahm was a brilliant choice. He is tough enough to deal with congressional Democrats, smart enough to reach out to Republicans, pragmatic enough to keep the administration from veering too far to the left, and controversial enough to become the lightning rod that Obama needs to keep the heat off the president and on the staff. Rahm is doing this at considerable self-sacrifice. Had he stayed in the House, he would have become speaker. He is trading future power for immediate influence. He is also putting the good of his team above his own career interests. That is a rare quality among politicians."

As Eve Fairbanks of The New Republic notes, "the quotes from GOP respondents are more adulatory than the responses from the Democrats."

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