The Truth About Women's Complicated Relationship With Technology

The Truth About Women's Complicated Relationship With Technology

A poll released today by the Huffington Post and Real Simple finds that technology plays an essential -- though complicated -- role in women's lives.

Women are so reliant on their devices that 69 percent of those polled sleep with their smartphones in their bedrooms, 68 percent keep them close by during dinner, 76 percent look at them at least once an hour, and of those women, almost half peek every 15 minutes or more. (Given those numbers, perhaps it's not surprising that almost half say they would rather go a month without sex than a month without their phones.) And yet 80 percent of respondents are conflicted enough about social media that they have considered leaving Facebook, Twitter, or another platform at some point.

Alarmingly, the poll found that women are so tied to their phones that three out of four admit they have texted while driving.

Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, only 27 percent of respondents say they are addicted to smartphones and social media.

See more findings from the poll below:

Methodology: The 25-question poll, conducted online via Polldaddy by Real Simple and The Huffington Post from October 7 to 18, asked 3,583 women how smartphones and social media affect their lives. Most of the participants (75 percent) were over the age of 31, and about half (55 percent) have children.

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