Polluter Harmony's Latest Ad Targets Offshore Drilling (VIDEO)

After the success Senator Lisa Murkowski and lobbyist Jeff Holmstead had on Polluter Harmony, Greenpeace's fake matchmaking service is following up with a profile of another perfect match: a parody of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, an advocate of offshore drilling, and Rex, a CEO of an unnamed "Very Large Oil Corporation," though the reference to Exxon Mobil is obvious in both the name (Rex Tillerson is Exxon's CEO) and the Exxon Mobil mug sitting on his desk.

This time, the message is that open relationships are OK, too. The hidden message hints at the relationship between politicians and oil companies and their flexible loyalties when it comes to drilling abroad and offshore drilling in the U.S., depending on how lucrative it is. Despite Rex's long history with foreign oil, he's looking for a switch to something a little closer to home (ahem, offshore drilling).

"So we're still going for the Middle East," Bob says as he plays a late-night board game with Rex. "But hey, don't forget Virginia. Think globally, drill locally."

The ad comes on the heels of a letter signed by 10 coastal senators, urging Senators Lindsay Graham, John Kerry, and Joseph Lieberman to not include offshore drilling as part of a climate bill.

WATCH Polluter Harmony's latest match: