What It's Really Like Coming Out As Polyamorous

WATCH: What It's Like To Come Out As Polyamorous

How do you reveal to your family and friends that you're polyamorous?

In a September 9th HuffPost Live segment, host Alex Berg spoke with people who have been in polyamorous relationships as well as a relationship therapist about the process of "coming out" as polyamorous.

"It's very gradual," Josh Rollins, who is in a polyamorous relationship, said. "You come out to different people -- family members, friends. And for me that's where it stops, because I can't really come out at my workplace. I'm a teacher, I'm in education, and there's a lot of stigma there, so I can't talk about anything like that."

"A lot of my friends were not surprised," said Rebecca Hiles, who is in a committed polyamorous relationship with a husband of four years and a partner of 10 years. "They were really just ... waiting for me to mention it."

Watch the clip above to hear more about coming out as polyamorous, and check out the full HuffPost Live segment here.

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