15 Honest Reasons Couples Chose To Be Polyamorous

"There's no possession or jealousy. There is freedom to love and be loved."

Many couples embrace monogamy ― but it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Some couples prefer polyamory: engaging in romantic, sexual relationships with more than one person, with full disclosure to each other.

Below, polyamorous men and women on the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal why they choose to have open relationships (and no, it’s definitely not all about the sex).

I have the capacity to love more than one person without it affecting my feelings towards another. I'm naturally more inclined to this so it felt natural
Because you can have so much more fun together and it actually makes for a way less stressful relationship
Because it's lovely to have the trust and love of many people who fit into my life and I into theirs without having to be the "everything they need" or visa versa.
I was introduced to it by my current boyfriend. I find the level of trust and honesty to be refreshingly beautiful.
Because human beings do not have a finite amount of love to give. Filling your life with loved ones is so much more enriching than pining after what could have been.
We're both bisexual. There are some things he can't give me and I can't give him. This way we both get what we want.
Because when I put everything into one person, I always get my heart broken
Because I'm in love with more than one person and their in love with me and each other too. There's no possesion or jelousy. There is freedom to love and be loved.
Monogamy makes me feel constricted
Because I love all kinds of people, I don't have one set "type"
I was with my bf for 6 months and it just felt right for us to share a gf. Now all 3 of us live together after 2yrs.
It started as just sex, then started to feel more for them. When they asked me to be in a relationship I said yes. Been happy together ever since.
Because I fell in love with someone unexpectedly, but never fell out of love either.
Poly has always felt more natural than monogamy for me. I love my girlfriend and my boyfriends. I love most of their partners too. I'm in a happy spot right now.
BC sex does not always have or need an emotional connection; humans are sexual beings. I live & let live. It works for us.
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