Pomplamoose Mashup Brings Lorde, 2Pac And Beck Together (VIDEO)

Last year Pomplamoose combined the somewhat unlikely sounds of Gotye and Carly Rae Jepsen in a way you never would have imagined you'd love.

Now they're back with a brand-new mashup that brings together Lorde, 2Pac and Beck. Pomplamoose writes about the extremely creative music video:

Mashup of 'Royals' by Lorde, 'California Love' by 2Pac, and 'Loser' by Beck. We used the chords and melodic riff of 'California Love,' and layered it underneath the melody and words of 'Royals.' The outro is a combination of the hook from 'Loser' and the vocals from the bridge of 'Royals.'

No samples from the original songs were used. We tracked, mixed and mastered with Ableton Live 8.

The video was filmed in one take, using only a single projector and pieces of white foam core. We built the projections using Final Cut Pro 7 - no mapping software or math or anything. We just held up the foam core and used the "distort" tool in Final Cut to mash around the images until they fit onto the foam core pieces.

Click play to take in the auditory and visual awesomeness of their latest project above!



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