Pondering Faith, Oil And Our Responsibility To The Earth (VIDEO)

For the moment, oil has stopped spilling from the remains of the Deepwater Horizon rig, which suffered a blowout, burned and collapsed between April 20 and 22.

However, 11 lives have been lost and more than 92 million gallons of oil have poured into the Gulf of Mexico, affecting the lives of all its residents, as well as the environment, for years to come.

Odyssey Networks took a film crew to Biloxi, Mississippi to document what is happening to people trying to adjust to yet another catastrophe to hit the Gulf Coast.

This video report, the third in a five-part series, profiles excursion boat captain Joe Wofford, who travels to Ship Island off the coast of Mississippi several times a day. Normally at this time of year the island, and his ship, are swarming with tourists. This year however, oil containment booms circle the island and the few tourists on his boat ponder the relationship between faith, oil and our responsibilities to the Earth.