'PONPONPON' Gives Us A Kawaisa Seizure (VIDEO)

PONPONPON: what is it? No, really, we'd love to know. We've spent the entire day staring at the candy-coated video of a Harajuku beauty bouncing around, and we just can't be sure what to make of it.

During our intense research, we found many interesting facts to help us make sense of this glittery shock: Slacktory called to mind a great comparison to Pee-wee's Playhouse, The Hairpin scolded it for a lack of Qream. Oh Have You Seen This recalled a pastel Lisa Frank wonderland.

Urlbot Christine added a dose of Zoolander to the ingredient list:

Wonky Translation took a stab at translating that haunting melody, as did Metafilter, and ended up with a chorus along the lines of...

Every day clap every time is clap

like a merry go round

every day clap every time is clap

but maybe it's pointless... [8]

More notable than the floating pineapple and the blackened-out heads of adult babies, maybe, is the rise to fame of 'PONPONPON' singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the epitome of Japanese Kawaisa, the cuteness culture, even at the young age of 18. Look! She's wearing teddy bears - d'aww.

Finally, here's the original PONPONPON video. Your missions, should you chose to accept it, is to the comments below and tell us what you think is going on here. Godspeed.