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The 1-Minute Party Ponytail That's Perfect For New Year's Eve

Things are looking up for your New Year's Eve.

If your New Year's Eve plans involve some late-night reveling, you're going to want a hairstyle that will go the distance.

Pulling hair back into a ponytail might not seem like the most glamorous option, but watch this video above and reconsider. Hairstylist Sally Hershberger shows how the very classic look can be made instantly sexy in just a few seconds.

Start with damp hair, which will absorb a texturizing product more easily, as well as help seal split ends and add shine. Look for an elastic that matches your natural color, then pull back hair and secure. The trick is to make it look tousled and imperfect. Hershberger notes that "the less you brush it, the more it's going to have that texture that's going to hold the ponytail in." Then take a strand from the ponytail and wrap it around to conceal the elastic. Finish the look by teasing out the ponytail to add extra movement.

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