Adorable Puppy Who Survived Fire Is Now A Firefighter Because What Is Life Even


Meet your new flame -- Jake the firefighter pup. 

Firefighter Bill Lindler, who works for the Hanahan Fire Department in South Carolina saved Jake from a fire back in April 2015. The blaze left the pup with burns on over 70 percent of his body, according to the Dodo. 

Since then, the pup has been adopted by Lindler and serves as the department's honorary firefighter, often educating kids about fire safety, BuzzFeed reported. 

According to the outlet, Lindler saw flames and smoke coming from a neighbor's house on that April day, and though other dogs ran out, Jake had difficulties getting to safety. 

"I saw mama dog and several puppies running out," Lindler told the Dodo. "I saw one puppy trying to make his way out, when a piece of the ceiling fell on top of him. He started yelping, but he wiggled himself free and backed into a corner and cowered down."

The firefighter went into the burning building, retrieved Jake and even performed nose-to-snout resuscitation on the pup, who wasn't moving at the time. Jake, who had second- and third-degree burns, was sent to an emergency vet clinic, according to the Dodo. When Lindler discovered his neighbors couldn't afford the dog's medical costs, he and his wife decided to make the pooch part of the family, BuzzFeed reported. 

Eventually, as Jake recovered, the dog would accompany Lindler to his shifts at work, becoming a treasured member of the fire department. In December, Jake's place on the team was made official. 

"Talking with my chief, and higher-ups from the city, they thought it would be fitting to swear him in and make him an honorary firefighter," Lindler told the Dodo. "He's also now our official mascot for the fire department."

On top of also visiting local schools to educate students on fire prevention, Jake is currently training to become an arson-detecting dog, BuzzFeed reported. In the future, Lindler also hopes that Jake can help others up who have experienced fires. 

"I'd like to see him be a therapy dog for burned children one day, so they can see that he's a survivor and that, despite the scars, they're all still beautiful," Lindler told the Dodo. 

With everything Jake's been through, Lindler's just happy he was able to give his BFF a new start. 

“I was in the right place at the right time,” Lindler told BuzzFeed. “I was there for him. It was just meant to be.”



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