Ridiculously Simple Device Ups Your Dog's Selfie Game

Why didn't we think of this?!

Hey pooches! Say cheese! 

If you're anything like us, you want your dog in every single selfie ever. But it's pretty tough to get your furry friend to sit still and look at the camera while you snap your Insta-gold.

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Jason Hernandez, a dog owner in San Diego, came up with the Pooch Selfie -- a simple smartphone attachment that comes with a squeaky tennis ball -- in hopes of fixing this problem. 

There's currently a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the attachment's production with a goal of raising $7,000. As of Friday afternoon, donors had contributed more than $4,700. 

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Hernandez told The Huffington Post that he's been working on the project for about a year and was inspired to create the Pooch Selfie after seeing his wife experience some difficulty capturing a photo with one of the family's two rescue pit bulls one day. He said he noticed that a tennis ball successfully captured the dog's attention. That observation sparked an aha! moment and he began doing research for the product. 

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The ridiculously-simple-yet-brilliant device works with most smartphones and tablets and can be used regardless of whether the user is utilizing the front- or rear-facing cameras, according to the product's website. Hernandez said that pet owners can either keep the ball in the attachment, or pop it out and play fetch with their dog first, in order to catch their furry friend's eye.

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Hernandez noted that the Pooch Selfie is especially effective with "ball-centric" dogs, but added that it may not be for all pups. 

"It doesn't change the nature of your dog," he explained, and added that if a user has a dog with bad behavior, it may not respond as well to the ball. 

The Pooch Selfie is expected to be available to the public by early next year. 


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