Pooh Bear Makes Adorable Cameo In Couple's Disney Engagement Photos

If you know Winnie the Pooh, then you know that he has a real soft spot for sweet things like honey. So we were not at all surprised to see him try to get his hands (paws?) on another kind of sweetness: one couple's super cute Disney World engagement photo shoot.

On Wednesday, Redditor Seamus Burke posted a couple of photos from his engagement photo shoot at Disney World's Epcot theme park where Pooh Bear is seen making a surprise (but totally welcome) guest appearance.

We're particularly fond of the second photo, which you can check out below:

Burke -- who proposed to fiancée Elizabeth Weisstein at the park in August 2013 -- told HuffPost Weddings that the photobomb through the window "was the real surprise". The couple did not arrange for Pooh to be in the photos beforehand. It was merely a happy accident.

Such a willy nilly silly, old bear.

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