Pool Cue Tip Surgically Removed From Andy Parton's Brain In Leeds

Now that's a scratch.

Doctors originally thought that Andy Parton cut his eyelid open when he skewered himself with a pool cue, so they stitched the skin around his eye. But when his eye wouldn't open properly for three months after the procedure, doctors gave him an MRI scan and took a second look.

Tests revealed that the UK man, 31, had the tip of the pool cue lodged in his brain, according to The Sun.

Surgeons in Leeds spent 10 hours last week removing the tiny object, first cutting out a part of his skull above his eye, removing the tip and then rebuilding the top of his nose and brow.

Doctors told the paper that he could have suffered from a seizure or poisoning at any time because of the tip, and that the surgery saved his life.

It's amazing, but certainly not the first case of foreign objects embedded in a person's brain.

In January, a Chicago man's X-ray revealed that he had a 3 1/4-inch nail stuck in his cranium. Dante Autullo underwent an emergency surgery because the nail was within millimeters of the motor function-controlling part of his brain. He recovered from the operation.



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