This Company Says Astrology Could Determine Your Pooping Habits

As if you didn't already think astrology was a bunch of crap.

A plumbing company is suggesting that the stars may have a big impact on what happens where the sun don’t shine.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing created an infographic to flush out how a person’s zodiac sign poo-portedly influences their bathroom habits.

Anyone expecting a big data dump might be disappointed. A company spokeswoman said officials looked at basic traits of each astrological sign and extrapolated how they might affect a person’s pooping style.

For instance, Tauruses are supposedly homebodies who prefer to wait until they get home to drop a deuce, while loud-and-proud Leos alllegedly announce their bathroom business to the world.

Let us know if you think there’s any validity to these findings. We suspect someone’s being facetious (with the emphasis on “feces”).

Mr Rooter Plumbing

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