Poop Geyser On British Beach Erupts Snails, Dirty Water

Buried sewage pipe linked to eruption of snails, feces.

Life's a beach, until it gets crappy.

Vacationers at Orcombe Point beach in Devon, England, have complained about a nasty new sink hole in the sand that's reportedly spewed snails and rancid seaweed into the air.

"I looked over and there were big plumes of water coming out of the beach it was all bubbling up much like a geyser," Kite surf instructor James Dart told the Express. "It was probably going about a foot above the beach."

Experts fear that the water that periodically erupts from the hole, which is 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep, might be linked to a damaged sewer pipe, and therefore, could contain human waste.

"We believe there may be a spring underneath and we’re investigating the possibility there might be a cracked or blocked outfall pipe as well," Nick Christow of the East Devon District Council told the newspaper.

He's advising people to stay away from the hole, which has been clearly marked by a plastic fence.

This is the third time the hole has opened up this summer. In July, the BBC reported that the hole grew to be 15 feet wide and 15 feet deep, and that it fills in with the tide.

Engineers told the BBC that heavy rain may be a factor in the hole's appearance. They're still investigating the exact cause.

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