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Poop-Powered Bike: TOTO Releases Motorbike Toilet That Runs On Feces

World's 'Crappiest' Bike Runs On Your Poop

Not a wasteful person? This poop-powered bike might be the number one motorbike for you -- and your number two.

Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO has created a bike that runs on feces. The human waste, which is stored in the driver's seat, is turned into biofuel that powers the three-wheeled chopper, according to WTOP.

The company says it hopes the bike will help raise environmental awareness and reduce CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 50 percent by 2017, motorcycle magazine Clutch and Chrome reports.

The traveling toilet isn't the product's only eyebrow-raising feature: the bike can write messages in the air as it whizzes by, and the john can talk, Cincinnati City Beat blog points out.

If you're in Japan, you might be able to catch a glimpse the poop mobile on its countrywide tour, which launched on Oct. 6.

Hopefully, this project avoids any major compilations. We thought an exploding toilet was bad, but an exploding toilet attached to a motorbike would really be a messy situation.

For more on the strange concoction, view the video above.

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