Poor Donald Runs For Black Cover

Currently polling at one percent of the African-American vote and with so few days left before November 8th, why on earth is Trump looking for black support? Even if he were to move the needle slightly, the numbers wouldn't come close to digging himself out of the hole in which he currently finds himself.

Yes, I'm sure he's hurt and a bit disappointed that he is on track to get the lowest percentage of the black vote since Robert E. Lee. Who can blame him? He's a reality TV star and the first lesson in TV is get a cool black friend to show how cool you are. Trump's only got Omarosa.

Obviously Trump doesn't give a damn about the black vote. But he does care very much about the non-racist white working and middle class vote.

From the moment he politicized his entertainment persona by becoming the figurehead of the "First African-American-President-Is-Really-an-African-Born Muslim Movement," he threw his lot in with what is called the "alt-right" (if by "alt" you mean white supremacist/Neo Nazi/truther/militia nutballs). He is proudly and explicitly anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant and the best predicator for identifying a Trump supporter is their fondness for the n-word. So no, black folks, whether we have anything to lose or not, are not going to throw our lot in with a man who's biggest fan is David Duke.

Since no other explicitly white nationalist candidate has ever made it this far (sorry Pat Buchanan and George Wallace), Trump finds himself in uncharted, choppy waters. He had the hardcore white racist vote at hello, and for now he's still hanging on to the "racist adjacent:" non-racist whites willing to rationalize or overlook his sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant dictates.

But it's only dawning on him now that there aren't enough of them to put him in the White House.

Trump desperately needs to win back white voters who were once understandably drawn to his projected strength and perceived focus on their issues, but who, increasingly, have been unsettled by his erratic behavior and intemperate ugliness. After all, who wants to vote for an asshole? Doesn't that make you an asshole yourself?

So of course his recent lip service to African-Americans isn't actually for African-Americans.

It's whites that he needs to convince he's not a racist. He just plays one on TV.