Study: Being Poor Can Make You Fat

In a society where fast food is more affordable and accessible than nutrient-rich greens, it comes as no surprise that obesity rates are higher for poor adults than for the well-off.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a study conducted by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health revealed that obesity rates for poor adults were 9 percent higher than for the well-off, and the gap was even greater for children.

Adam Drewnowski, a University of Washington epidemiologist, tells the Inquirer that:

"'One of our biggest misconceptions is that it's poor people's fault. The poor, without access to healthy foods, are making the best possible choices under difficult circumstances.'"

The Inquirer highlights the struggle for the destitute to eat healthy, as they profile a resident of the First Congressional District of Philadelphia -- the "second-hungriest" sector in the United States.

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