Pop Goes the EDM Bubble

On April 13th at
, CEO of
Insomniac Events
stopped by to discuss "Electric Daisy Carnival New York".


Good Afternoon, Huffington Post Readers!


Insomniac Events is the leading electronic dance music (EDM) events company. Rotella stopped by to promote #EDCNY.

Rotella’s Build Series (now streaming) kicked off with an extended trailer that had me pumping my fists in my seat.

Here's a Vine of my Kanvas:

I almost knocked out poor Lizzette, our in-studio Pop Culture Expert. Pasquale Rotella is the poster child for “do what you love.” He still finds joy in Insomniac Events, especially knowing the joy it brings to others. Rotella’s focus is not on expanding the crowd, but enhancing the crowd’s experience. At EDC, YOU are the headliner.

After the show, I spoke with Lizzette Jannette to see what she took away from Rotella’s conversation with Billboard journalist Alex Gale. “The D in EDC does not stand for Dance it stands for Daisy, it’s Electric DAISY Carnival, not Electric Dance Carnival, so that’s a thing.”


Rave’s Been Rising

Internet: People “only had access to what you were fed” before the internet. The internet has facilitated music discovery and sharing.

Faces: Labels did not love dance music initially because it was faceless. Now DJs such as Zedd and Calvin Harris are recognized and idolized. Rotella noted the idolization of DJs is important to business.

Is the EDM Bubble bursting?

  • “Maybe for the writer, maybe it’s dead for them” Rotella responded to this widely spread economic theory (?) about music festival culture.
  • Not for Insomniac Events. Rotella concerns himself with himself and his company. He is thriving and with confidence says there is room for growth and improvement. His focus on what he is doing sounds like great advice for everyone!

Insomniac Events is also working on smaller warehouse type brands and shows.

Other Fun Facts

  • ~100 people work at Insomniac Events HQ
  • He doesn’t brand stages.
  • DJ Snake was the first name he mentioned as playing #EDCNY.
  • His mom was rocking out well into her 70s.

Electric Daisy Carnival is Considering Expanding to:

  • Asia - they’re “getting into it”
  • India

To Summarize:

  • EDM is still profitable after 20 years
  • You’re never too old to dance!