Summer Just Got Real With Pop Rock Popsicles

Summer is the perfect excuse to whip out many of our favorite things to eat and drink, like ice cream sandwiches, fruity cocktails and so much grilled meat. And then, if you're really lucky, summer introduces an unexpected recipe that makes so much sense once it's been made. Today, that recipe is the Pop Rock popsicle.

Pop Rock popsicles are balsamic strawberry pops that've been loaded with strawberry Pop Rocks. Did we mention that they're chocolate-dipped, too? It's the popsicle that summer has been missing. But rather than lament the fact that we haven't been eating these bright-red pops every single summer of our lives, we're going to celebrate the fact that Stefani Pollack of Cupcake Project had the vision to create this fine summer treat.

The best part is that they're super easy to make at home. Head on over to Cupcake Project to get the Pop Rock Popsicle recipe and live your best summer self.