Glastonbury Festival's 'Pop-Up Hotel' Makes Us Actually Consider Camping

The Pop-Up Hotel That Makes You Actually Want To Camp

Music festivals typically (and unfortunately) go hand-in-hand with dodgy motels and semi-sturdy tents, plopped in barren wastelands of dirt and grime between chaotic days of music and dancing.

So of course England would invent a classy alternative.

At the Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset, England, festival goers can now camp in luxury at The Pop-Up Hotel -- "pop-up" because it's literally made of tents, and "hotel" because, well, it costs almost $17,000 for the priciest room.

The hotel exists only for the festival (which kicks off June 25), but it's got amenities that real resorts take years to refine. There's 24-hour security, a concierge with luggage porters and a tented dining room with professional kitchen. Need snacks delivered to your dwelling? There's "tent service" for that, too.

Of course, not every tent costs a pretty penny. More budget-conscious fans can stay in the "10-foot yurt," which sleeps two people for almost $3,000. But the Tenthouse Suite -- with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, butler service and a mini bar -- will set you back almost 50 times more than a ticket to the Festival itself.

...not that we're counting.

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