Now You Can Enjoy The Tasty Smell Of Popcorn Through Your iPhone

Now You Can Savor The Smell Of Popcorn Through Your Phone

Ever wished you could have the buttery scent of freshly popped popcorn at the click of a button? With what's being called the first-ever popcorn-scented smartphone game, that dream can be made a reality via your iPhone. (Sorry, Android users.)

Created by Pop Secret in conjunction with innovation studio Deeplocal and the advertising agency Deutsch LA, the Pop Dongle app transmits the devilishly addictive scent of microwave popcorn to your nostrils through an attachment to your iPhone. But first you have to play the iPhone game Poptopia, which works with the external Pop Dongle attachment.

The game basically consists of shooting popped kernels into "The Almighty Mouth God." The more kernels you land in the mouth, the more delicious popcorn scented spritz is emitted from your digital popcorn popper.

“It's time you let your nose have as much fun as your eyes, ears and thumbs do when playing mobile games,” the app’s commercial boasts.

Poptopia is free to download on iTunes; however, the attachment comes at the hefty price of $150 and is currently only available on eBay until Dec. 13. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, according to the item's description.

It pays for instant gratification, but you could just hold out and pop a real bag.

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