Pope and Putin: Seize Opportunity, Heed Directive for World Peace and Good, 'Consecrate Russia!'

Listen to Wise Chinese Sage and to Your Holy Mother

Mystical political drama and theological intrigue grows as Oct. 13, 2013, approaches and the pope prepares the way for true world peace and unity. Powers of good versus evil prepare for battle. Concerns about weapons of mass destruction, corruption, secularism, materialism and individual freedoms are debated. It is interesting to observe the primary actors on the world stage and their moves. Pope Francis and President Xi Jinping of China recently communicated similar notions, the need for soul searching to attain the greatest gift of grace within the heart, the virtue of charity. This accord of "east-west" thought comes at a critical time in history from nations and institutions affected by world events since 1917. Leaving one to ponder, will the pope and President Putin respect the explicit directive "Consecrate Russia," which began in 1917 from Our Lady of Fatima, the holy woman they both hold as "Mother of the World." Will Pope Francis unequivocally "Consecrate Russia" to Her Immaculate Heart so the maternal promise of world peace and ultimate good may come to fruition?

Perhaps prophetically, ancient (6c.BC) Chinese sage Lao Tzu taught:

"All-under-Heaven have a common Beginning. This Beginning is 'The Mother of the World.' Having known the Mother, we may proceed to know her children. Having known the children, we should go back and hold onto the Mother. In so doing, you will incur no risk even though your body be annihilated (Tao Teh Ching 52)."

Wise advice. Can't hurt, except maybe grownup pride, to take heed and obey the Holy Mother to spawn virtue and harmony for good, confronting the evils of corruption and violence. Pope Francis made the first bold move toward true world peace and unity by responding to his Holy Mother's call on May 13, consecrating his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima.

The Vatican and the Kremlin contemplate the controversial valiant action "Consecrate Russia," while dreaded "War and Peace" maneuvers dangerously play out. Attaining peace is more than resolving the chemical weapons hidden in Syria. This malevolent spirit is but only one piece of the poisonous pie cooking in this corrupted region and elsewhere. It is prudent for world security eyes to focus on the nukes in Iran and be vigilant. Possible pre-emptive, defensive, strike plans are underway in Israel, no surprise there. What action President Obama and America will take is still a mystery. What is interesting to consider is that perhaps one humble, virtuous act is all it could take to prevent darkness and for light to prevail. Evidently, Pope Francis "in union with all the bishops of the world" could simply "Consecrate Russia" to the Immaculate Heart of their Holy Mother as a brilliant lampstand and be at peace. According to historic accounts of "Fatima Messages," purported "heaven inspired" missives to humanity, "Consecrate Russia" is the Fatima gift and key to world peace, virtue and unity. A dramatic maternal intercession, promised at Fatima, took place Oct. 13, 1917, when "the woman clothed in the sun" (Revelations 12) was witnessed by more than 70,000 people. Continuous (heavenly) messages deemed "worthy of belief" by credible sources emanate, even present day, via worldwide apparitions and locutions.

The thoughtful pontiff, Pope Francis, seems to appreciate the wisdom from the East and Lao Tzu's proclamation, "But wherein I am most different from others is in knowing to take sustenance from my Mother!" And perhaps the modern pope welcomes words of another ancient Eastern sage, Gautama Buddha, "In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true." This insightful thought unites all people under one heaven with Mary, who the Pope holds to be the Universal Mother, appearing continuously in the same sky over different lands illuminating a safe path to peace and goodness. As Our Lady of Fatima, she chose to be seen in Portugal over a village whose name recognized the significance of the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. Our Lady of Fatima markedly dressed in the style of Arabian attire. Mary was born more than 2,000 years ago in the Middle East, an orthodox Jewish woman, Mother of Jesus and the first Christian. Called Maryam in Islam (Surah 19), beloved by Muslims as "most blessed of all women," she is respected in various religions; notably discovered in Judaism, Taoism and of course, Christianity.

Hard to fathom what has taken so many popes so long to listen to and follow the clear instruction of the "Mother of the World" who is also the "Mother of the Church." Was something lost in translation? Maybe this October 13 with a nod and nudge from President Putin, this Pope will "Consecrate Russia" exactly as requested by their Holy Mother and all will experience the benefit of Lao Tzu's teachings, "hold on to the Mother... take sustenance." Then will the era of world transformation emerge, sanctifying graces flow and the perfect peace prize be shared...far greater than a Nobel. Joy to the world as we jointly open our hearts to receive the essential gift of grace, the virtue of charity, and find The Way of Heaven exclaiming: "Immaculate Heart of Mary and Holy Spirit, guide us. Amen."