Pope Blesses Girls In Wheelchairs During New York City Trip

During his busy trip to New York City, Pope Francis is still taking time to bless those in need.

As his plane landed at JFK airport on Thursday, 12-year-old Brooklyn girl Julia Buzzese, who uses a wheelchair, was hoping to see the holy man as he passed through the crowds of people cheering for him. Buzzese said Pope Francis did something even better: He blessed the young girl.

"He put his hands on my forehead and he blessed me and he looked at me," Buzzese told NBC New York. 

Later that evening, at a prayer service in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Francis noticed 17-year-old Stephanie Gabaud, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. Francis blessed her as well. Afterward, she told WABC that it was an incredible experience.

After the blessing, churchgoers burst into applause, according to ABC News.

"Just to get an actual blessing from him was so amazing," Gabaud told WABC.

Francis will celebrate Mass on Friday evening at Madison Square Garden.