Does A Pope Francis-Inspired Cologne Smell Holy? Watch Our Reactions

WATCH: Does A Pope Francis-Inspired Cologne Smell Holy?

We'll never forget the day the HuffPost Religion editors got their hands on a new cologne inspired by Pope Francis. The fragrance took over the newsroom like Indian take-out, except it wasn't as aromatic. And it hovered for the remainder of the work day.

The clear cologne is actually the third papal scent created by Excelsis Fine Fragrances. There's "The Pope's Cologne," a crisp citrus and violet scent, and "Benedictus," an aromatic blend of blossom, frankincense and musk.

"Francis," with its powerful fragrant notes of bergamot and sandalwood, is actually meant to capture the pope's "humble and down to earth" essence, according to the company's CEO Frederick Hass. But less-than-holy descriptors came to mind when we got a whiff of the cologne.

Curious as to whether our judgments had become clouded by the scent, we asked a few editors to give us feedback. Watch their candid reactions in the Vine videos below.

Kristen Aiken, HuffPost Taste senior editor

Julee Wilson, HuffPost BlackVoices style and beauty editor

Bryan Maygers, HuffPost deputy blog editor

Nicholas Miriello, HuffPost managing blog editor

Paul Raushenbush, HuffPost Religion senior editor

Would you wear a fragrance inspired by the pope?

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