Watch The Pope Get Mad At Someone In Mexico

"Don't be selfish," the pope snapped.

It looks like the pope has finally lost his cool.

During his weeklong visit to Mexico, Pope Francis, the first Latin American pontiff, took some time to greet followers outside a stadium in the city of Morella on Tuesday.

The pope was all smiles and friendly handshakes until an overly enthusiastic fan pulled at his sleeve, causing Francis to topple onto a child in a wheelchair.

Even as security personnel helped Pope Francis back up, the fan continued to tug on the pope's sleeve, pulling him back onto the child. As seen in the video below, the Holy Father was not having it.

"Don't be selfish!" Francis said in Spanish with a raised voice while staring at the person. "Don't be selfish!"

While it's rare to see Pope Francis -- or any pope -- get frustrated with someone in public, it appears the scolding came from concern for the child.

Francis, who once worked as a bouncer for a Buenos Aires nightclub, is known as "the people's pope," so it makes sense that he would protect his people. 

Even if it means lightly putting them into their place.

Watch the full confrontation below.

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